5 Reasons Why People Prefer not to Get Acquainted Online

Every day on the Internet, we work, we relax, and entertain. There is no surprise, people are now getting acquainted and communicate online. Recent polls have proved that two-thirds of respondents have at least logged on a dating website. About 60 percent of them have continued communication in real life.

However, there are still those who have got prejudices regarding online acquaintances.

The Main Downsides of the Internet Acquaintances:

  1. Online, there are no decent people. Only criminals and villains are using dating websites to find victims for their financial schemes or other offenses. Unfortunately, it is hard to check the information you find on a profile of a potential interlocutor. However, as in real-life acquaintances, it is necessary to be cautious and careful with the recently met people. No matter, online or offline, discretion is key to safety and security.
  2. Statistically, many people doubt about the faithfulness of the profile information, like height, weight, appearance, relationship with ex’s, etc. If at the very beginning of relations, there are problems with trust, they have a vague future.
  3. 75 percent of online acquaintances continue with real-life meetings. People tend to be afraid of disappointments. While communication with a person on the Internet, you are drawing yourself the portrait of your interlocutor. However, in reality, the person is different from what was expected. To avoid these discouragements, people avoid acquaintances online.
  4. Only failures log on dating websites. Occasionally, there is an opinion that only those who are rejected in their social circle log on dating websites. Besides, they are really desperate. So, people are afraid to engage themselves in relations with losers. However, there is nothing wrong about an open expression of the will to find a partner. On the contrary, logging on a dating website means that a person is ready for relationship and commitment. It is just necessary to pay attention to the profile information where intentions are stated.
  5. Acquaintances online are sometimes associated with no strings attached relations. In online communication as well as in real one, in several minutes (messages) it is possible to understand what your interlocutor wants. Besides, statistics prove the opposite. The couples who met online build strong families and have even a slightly lower rate of divorces.

Meeting a partner online does not only refer to dating websites. For example, when a man likes a girl’s picture on a social network and they start communication. Online or offline, important is not to lose your mind and be careful before you can really trust a person.

The Internet is a very convenient space where everything is available in one click. A search of relations is no exception. In most cases, people who log on a dating website are searching for a lifetime partner to build a family. Of course, there are some exceptions. The most important tip is to understand who you are looking for and what for, thus, you will avoid disappointments. A successful online acquaintance may bring more confidence in yourself and a relationship. So, no need to doubt, go for your future and happiness!

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