Happy Couples and Broken Hearts Share their Dating Experience in the Network

Many people are skeptical about meeting or dating online: you do not know who is actually on the other side of the screen. But the fact remains: people continue to meet and fall in love on the Internet, and here are four vivid examples. Love is in the air. But you need some efforts to preserve it.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how you met and how many times. These are only numbers that lose their meaning and value when it comes to real feelings.

Read our stories as girls have told them and make conclusions.

  1. Olga (28) and Todd (36)

“I avoided serious relationships  – that I told every guy when I met him. We met Todd on the Internet. We had chatted within two hours and finally agreed to meet. Our first date took place on December 15th. In February I moved to his place, in March we bought a house, and in April he made me a proposal.”

  1. Emily (26) and Tom (33)

“A year before our acquaintance, I lost 15 pounds. So I strictly observed what I was eating and drinking. For me, it was very important. Before the first chat online, I was worried about how I would tell about this. But it turned out that he had also lost a lot of weight in the last year. So we really had something to talk about. And in a month we met.”

  1. Anna (19) and Alan (25)

“Alan was the only guy I met on the site. I was very embarrassed to start a conversation and the entire day his profile had hung open in my browser. Then I just wrote “Hello” with a smile. After an hour of messaging, we agreed to meet the next day, and over the next week, we saw each other four times. Then we understood that we have found each other.”

  1. Elena (36) and Ron (48)

“I met two Ron from one country on the dating site at once. When I flew for the meetings, they invited me to the same bar but in different days. Both were very nice in talk and handsome. I called them Ron 1 and Ron 2. I liked more the second man and start dating with him in his native city. But after the first night in the hotel, I accidentally discovered that another man is his cousin. I decided that it’s better to stop communications with both.”

Well, the Internet is a more effective tool for finding the second half than traditional methods. It is enough to choose height, weight, eye color, hobbies and press the “Find” button. In addition, all users are united by one goal – to find a special one. World web really helps to find a person for romantic relationships. Since in a real life people are more attracted by physical affection, rather than common values which you can easily discover online.

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