Why Dating Sites Are Cool – Personal Experience

Currently, most people meet on the Internet and create loving couples. Read an interesting story about a real girl who met her husband online.

“Probably, since my childhood, I dreamed of meeting “my prince”, and all because my parents advised me to study well, to be a smart girl, a caring personality. After the first unsuccessful marriage, I was not disappointed: I tried again, but it did not work. There were other attempts to find happiness through friends. But all these “relationships” ended up after two or three meetings. Men thought I was too demanding, or I believed these men were too stupid for me. Was I maximalist? Maybe.

Twist of Fate

Once I registered on the site where people helped each other to learn foreign languages. To my surprise, some men even openly proposed marriage! But English was my interest. After a few days of my lessons, HE appeared in the network. He did not ask about my past, why I need to learn English, just worked with me.

Here what I liked in my teacher the most:

  • green eyes;
  • long eyelashes;
  • white skin with a blush;
  • a thin neat nose;
  • plump lips.

I almost immediately fell in love with him, admired his appearance, the way of communications. Once he told me that if I met a good man, he would make me the happiest. And if I met a bad one, he would break my heart. After that, Alan disappeared from this web platform.

I rushed to register on the different dating sites. I looked through the profiles with the hope to find my boy. And on one of the sites, I spotted him. He did not use a nickname, the photo was the same. “Why did you disappear?” I asked him. “Because I fell in love with you,” he said simply.

New Stage

We started chatting with Alan and it gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better. I remember how my hands trembled when I clicked the “Answer from video” button. In the live talk, he was even beautiful.

“You look like an angel: you have blue eyes, snow-white thin skin, and blond hair. You are very beautiful. But I do not want to be one of your boys from contact list”, my man said.

So it took about three months to appoint a real meeting. We exchanged photos, comments, news from our countries. He continued to help me with the English language.

And finally, I came to his city. He grabbed all my belongings in one hand, and by other, he hung me. I followed him in some kind of fog. Next was a taxi, my strange answers out of place. I looked at him with the most loving eyes in the world. At home, he cooked me some delicious food, and I felt very happy.

We never parted with him anymore, because true love cannot survive to split.

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